I Am Not The Drawing Hope Project

Well, I sort of am.  But, I'm just one of the many art supplies that makes it possible.

Who is The Drawing Hope Project?

Every child and family that made it possible.  Every struggle and heartbreak, every sleepless worry-filled night.  Every tear and every terror.  Every family and child that didn't know what tomorrow would - or will - hold.  Every hope and every fear, every warrior bead and and every moment of absolute despair.  I am NOT The Drawing Hope Project.  

I'm just like a crayon that anyone who is part of the project used to draw something they believed in; I'm just something that became part of their hope for some dream to come true.  I am NOT the Drawing Hope Project.  The Drawing Hope Project is every family that chose to be a donor and save a life; it is every individual who chose to donate blood.  It is every family that has fought and believed that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

A camera and photoshop does NOT make magic happen.  Real people and their stories make magic happen.  Real hardships and strength makes magic happen.  Belief and HOPE makes magic happen.  

I am feeling very blessed to be one little part of all that magic, and honoured to be in the company of families and parents with more strength than I will ever know.