Something small, every day.

I stumbled across this awesome post today on (love the site) and had to share with you.  I love two things about this article by Austin Kleon: the art, and the advice.

It takes time to do anything worthwhile, but thankfully, we don’t need it all in one chunk. So this year, forget about the year as a whole. Forget about months and forget about weeks.

Focus on days.
— Austin Kleon

First of all, his art and approach is genius.  He creates a Newspaper Blackout Poem daily on Instagram.  

One of Austin's Newspaper Blackout Poems

One of Austin's Newspaper Blackout Poems

I am always reminding myself that I don't need to look at the entire staircase - but instead, just the first step.  Then the next step.  And so on.  And eventually, you've climbed all those stairs.  His piece "Something small, every day: How to make more work this year" resonates with me because of the concept of a 365 Day Project I started once up a time (which I discovered is next to impossible because of the time it takes for me to create the type of pics I do...or does it have to?  Could this be a chance to simply things and maybe even make them better in the process?...hmm...)

The trick is "creating a chain" and doing that "something small, every day" - and it will in turn create itself.  Simple and profound advice.  What's your "something small" you could do every day to create something big?