Though I admittedly think being cold is one of the worst things on earth, I must also admit I LOVE winter weddings and engagements! There's just something so romantic about the warmth and closeness of couples in the cold, and the pops of colour from scarves and mittens and toques! Spending the afternoon with Kristen & Shaun was nothing short of a BLAST – these guys are a hoot to work with, and my belly hurt by the end from laughing so much that I forgot about the cold altogether!

One of the best things about Meadowlily Trail is that it has so much variety in one small space, from wide open fields to intimate trails, and really interestingly fallen trees that makes framing and composition so much fun for a photographer! Plus, there's more than one really sweet bridge!

And like...honestly. How amazing is this field, and the lighting that day? For late December, we managed to wrangle in a fall vibe too. These warm browns and creams will always be one of my favourite palettes!

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, Kristen & Shaun have sadly had to reschedule their wedding at CASO Station in St.Thomas until next year (along with every other couple getting married...such a strange time to be alive!). It makes me sad I won't get to work with these guys again for another year!

So...until we meet again, in May 2021...thank you from the bottom of my heart, K&S. I had an amazing time spending the afternoon with you (and left feeling all warm despite the cold!).

xoxo Shawn xoxo